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Monday, March 28, 2016

Brilliant And Cool Lipstick Tricks

Hi lovelies. What is the best thing about make up? In my opinion, make up doesn't only enhance our beauty, but at the same time it can boost our confidence level especially when our job 'forces' us to meet a lot of people everyday. Believe me, having a signature style make you more memorable to others!

Today I want to highlight you on LIPSTICK. I know, most of the girls or women nowadays love to collect lipsticks compared to stamps, books, etc. That happens to me as well.

You do not have to be a makeup genius to actually understand that lipstick can make a huge impact to your whole look. It makes you look from drab to dramatic, simple to gorgeously sexy in just seconds. A fresh coat of lipstick can revamp the way you look in an instant. But if you are wondering if you are really getting the most you could out of your favourite lipstick then you need to know they are a handful of tips and tricks to get the best lipstick look, ever.

These brilliant and cool lipstick tricks below will show you how to make your lipstick look better and last longer.

Lipstick first then lip liner
The lip liner will eventually look smoother and go more easily to be applied because you can see exactly where you need it. When the lip colour fades away, the liner and lipstick will be fading away at the same time, saving you the trouble of having ‘ring’ around your lips.

Set lipstick to last longer
Making it last all day can be tricky for some but you may do so by applying the shade, blot with tissue and dust a thin layer of powder. Apply the lipstick again and it will form a base that lasts longer.

Use your finger
The finger trick – Once you are done applying your lip colour, do this trick to avoid your lipstick from getting on your teeth. Simply put your finger in your mouth and close your lips around it. Pull your finger out while lips are still closed. You will be amazed with the result  as any excess lip product will only end up on your finger!

Enjoy reading and have fun making new artworks on your face every morning, darls!

From reading to watching! Soaking up knowledge by watching this video on YOUTUBE! Ciao...


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