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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Poem: The Trail Not Taken.

We are given too lots choices,
Pressures, don't feel awkward,
Stay and comfort me with patient,
Because we learnt from mistakes,
But don't let mistakes ruin us!
Like the mouth ruins the tongue,
Like the tongue ruins the words,
Like words ruin the feelings.

You are choosing for goods,
A personal code for living,
A better, happier, more successful kind of life,
You are praying for the best,
You are rewarded with you efforts,
If just you glide effortlessly,
Onwards and upwards,
Remind yourself that
You are getting older with your body and soul,
The right time for you to deal and lead
For the best way,
Which trail is better for the future.

I got too lots dreams.
All dreams are so strange for me,
But it seems reality,
I just feel so confident to take both,
Like in my praying,
Like in my dreams,
Impeccably back off
For another one,
And stay strong for best one?
Without losing the rag or sighing!

Out of the blue,
I'm realized that,
To shrug off adversity,
One and only trail can be chosed,
And there MUST be,


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

cantik fotonya

Saiazuan said...

the trail not taken.. :) take a good one

Aki said...

HDR shot?? He he he.. Oh,adik RTP Farra Arisha plak.. ^_^.v.. Baru tau.. :-p

Maya Mayana said...

emm means tersadai ke keretapi tu??nice photo dik...follow sini :)

FIFIEY LYCHEE MARATION said... to make poems! well, cantik kan fotonya, captured by me:) maksud puisi ni, pilihan tergantung di atas diri kita, which yg org lain tak ambil, itulah peluang kita untuk lebih berjaya, as long as it's good!heee...oh i'm arisha's elder sister!

mohdhazlan Dreadlock said...

nice poem...:)

Aki said...

Yeah.. she (Arisha) already told me that.. Ha ha ha.. HDR Shot is just great... Take more picture.. And focus on landscaping.. ^_^.v.. Trust me,U r good on it..

Solihin Zubir said...

cuma nk komen, gambar train kt atas tu cantik giler!

erleena said...

yeahh which trail i would taken ? :O

the owner mcm artist lah :D

shameel Iskandar said...

nice photo. suka tengok gambar2 sebegini

Aien Not Alien said...

cantik gambar keretapi...

indah puisi...

salam perkenalan adik-beradik RTP Farra Arisha... ^_^"


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