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Friday, December 3, 2010


"Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy 8th Belated birthday!"

- 1ST DECEMBER 2010-

"When the baby borns, they must be a star shining to the parents, who will give the new life for every couple and so with my little sister, RTP SOLFIE SALSABILLA or also called as Abby! I still remember the first time she exist in the world with the red pinky face on eight years ago, and she was the youngest one in the family, at last grown up as a beautiful young girl which full of love and happiness around her!"   

" The power of our family is just like the motto of the barbie's film which "all for one and one for all".  Heaven is started from our home, which all of the family members gathered to celebrate the party without allowing the only one standing to blow the candle!

"When the bottom of heart full of love and care each other, it will bring us to the peace, serenity and harmony in a community.If there is no love lost between somebody and somebody, especially to sisters and brothers, it will bring us to the fight, battle and oppose! Love is not only for the lover, but it such a feel to all goods around you!!!"

"Abby, you know what? You are such a hyperactive girl when you are baby, but i think until now, you acted like that althought you look like a barbie, but still you love to play such those boys playing too. No wonder, when you are mad to us, you'll do some of smackdown actions. lol;D and i really love that memorable moment! We are lucky, there is no black and blue! Luckily, we are always bought you lots of Barbie playing, the barbie cds, so that you can be such a barbie role! You have to remember, we are the whole family is so loving you! You are matey to everyone, and those who not you know, will be easily get close with you! You can trim your sails easily although you are still a kid! Thumbs up, you are really my sister, Abby."

"Not only sisters loving you, but the brothers, Bro Eedy Mega and Bro Putra Hussin is always care and gild the lily to perform best for you! Althought they are always being busy, but still, they have time to keep in touch with you, either in time of they facing in the deep shit works! They are always calling you, giving you sms, and communicate trough ym or skype because you are not always being beside them! They always make you smile although sometimes they break their promises to bring you for vacation. Maybe they are still busy and collected money so that you can buy everything you want when the vacation time! =B Abby, the another promise is to bring us to another europe vacation, right? Let's claim for the promise. lol;D

Love to the parents will make you in peace forever and ever! Abby, hopefully you are grown up as an obey child, a good manner girl,with the best attitude in every way you take in life! May God blessed u with happiness and parents's blessing! You are born from our mother's womb with normal way, well, i guess i don't have to explain more about the way you are born, because one day, once you get hitched, and gonna become a mummy, you'll be in the same situation too! How hard situation it is, but still, a mom will be very happy, the tears of happiness bringing you to the world, last 1st December 2002. I still remember, i was around 9 years old on that moment, still child, the same age like you are now, and sis arisha just was a 6 years old kindergarten kid! Our brothers, Bro Putra was 18, Bro Hussin was 13 and our Sis Putri was 16. Everyone's are still young! OMG, the time passed very fast and now you are already 8 years old Abby! Please, i beg you, be a good girl, so that, everyone will love you more and make our mom and dad proud of your success one day. If u have the big time, please don't forget us. If you are in thick and thin time, let us know! we will always be on your side. Watch out for the good manner, Abby so that you can be the real princess, not only for us, but for rest of the people outside.

"We are girls of our parents, and yet, we are become career women, a mom for children, and a wife for husband. Remember, the time passed so fast without our recognization. Maybe we feel, this is only 2010 story, but, when 10 years in time, we will remind this moment back and we imagined it to happen again, but will it be same as the 2010 stories? It is so impossible. So, here i gana tell you that, every moments that we had together have we appreciate and enjoy it with our full big happy heart because yesterday is not today !"

"Every candles we blew, will bring thousand wishes trough our whisper to the GOD!"
With the God's blessing, may all your wishes become true! Please pray for our happiness, longevity, livelihood, and success!

"Abby, the way our mummy looks this baby like the way, she looks you when you was born last eight years! Now, i guess, u really knows how happy she was with ur present!" I still remember, the time you get hang of something, you are so funny!, You grow up well with so many knowledges mummy gave u!

The relatives and brothers who come nearer and said, "Oh my abby, you are so cute, grown up well ya dearie. Forgiveness  is the best solution to bring the magnificent value!"

"Life sometimes keep us apart, although you are always be in our glee heart, the time for to pray each other to be grit, when i need a hug, my arms are wide open delight!"

"Barbie life is just like ur life , right? You are such a lovely girl, Abby!, everyone said so and i'm so thankful to God to be a sister of a talkative, friendly and loving sister like you!

"The strongest and fantastic team is always be with you, immaterial of races, cultures and manners will bring you to the matured personality sooner or later, because we are all relatiives for eternity! " 

" I knew, your life as kid is not normally like another kid, you can't play like the cartoons of Upin Ipin andKampung Boy, because you are a girl, and the way you acted have to be suit like a girl doing and playing! But, still, u can play like you love the barbies play! To cry and laugh it Must be for a kid like u but still u can feel the problems of the older faced! You smart, knowledgeable, although a little bit naughty, but still, you are the best for us. That's how i salute u as a matured kid. For her, curiousity killed the cat!"

"The one and only sentence i can say, whatever obstacles and hard conditions will we face, I LOVE YOU more than YOU LOVE ME, ABBY!"



HonEyBuNNy said...

wow....happy belatd birthday Princess....;-)

penaberkala said...

happy birthday to abby
nice entry to show your love to your youngest sister
i'm not lucky enough to have younger brother/sister, sob3

but, her birthday is same with my bestfriend's birthday

meriah sakan nampak parti, nice memory to be remembered right?

Rizalman Rawi said...

happy Birhtday from me too..

sekamar rindu said...


happy besday YM Raja Tengku Puteri Solfie Salsabilla..

moga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahi rezeki...bahagia di dunia dan di akhirat..


Liana Ryan said...

waaahhhhh.. she so cute n pretty!! happy birthday to her ^^

Sesumpah said...

happy bithday jufak. best nya kek barbie :D

Hairil Rizal said...

Very sweet of you to show your appreciation to your beloved sis here!

Indeed..nothing else matters than a loving family - parents and siblings as well.

Happy belated to your sweet sis Fifiey!

p/s: She shares the same b'day with my Father In Law

Miza Yusof said...

happy birthday to you si comel :)
macam princess lah. comel betul.
banyak dapat hadiah :)

I*K*T*I*R*A*F said...

comelnya birthday girl! :)

btw,lagu di blog saya ZAIN BHIKA-ALLAH KNOWS.

salam kenal! :)

hidayah said...

happy birthday! the cake looks yummy! :)

Eyra. said...

happy belated birthday to abby :)

tengkorakemas said...

happy belated birthday to abby, comel adik kamu

dan pandai pula dia smackdown ye hehe

Muhamad Zaki Zafir said...

A very Happy Birthday to Princess Solfie Salsabilla.Wishing you a joyous and a blissful life ahead.. ;)

Air dicincang takkan putus.The family bond will just grow stronger, and stronger.Love makes a warm home, and brings a delightful and a sensational feeling to everyone living in. :)

miszlullaby said...

she's pretty!!!!just like u!!!
Happy birthday salsabilla=)

E.d.Y said...

ala..comelnya..happy birthday to her


Abby said tq for all the wishes dedicating to her and ameen for all those prayers!!:D may God blessed u back with happiness!

alhamdulillah, sambutannya meriah dan juga memorinya akan terpancar di kemudian hari! nnt birthday party fifiey u guys dtg.. amacam?? boleh tak? haha

to those who wanna join her page on fb, just search by the name of SOLFIE SALSABILLA:)

have fun guys:)

Sasa Al-Sharif said...

she have an english look and she so cute. happy belated birthday to her :)

rossoneri said...

she's beautiful...happy birthday to her

Seri said...

happy belated birthday to her. cute sangat

AngahSayang2314 said...

hehehe happy belated birthday tuk princess comel... sampaikan ye fifiey

Sophie Al-yahya said...

Masha Allah..she's so lovely and beautiful.

Glad to see one happy family like the one you have.. =D =D =D

shahidakharudin said...

the bufday gurl is sooo cute;))))

masshie mastura said...

owh kek barbie.
presents pun barbie.
i lykeee ;)


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