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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Great Moment with Parent" Contest by Sachi-Asukai

Best Wishes Of the Contestants of "Great Moment with Parent" organized by Miss Sachi-Asukai


I started graffiti letters in a realtively quite night in which many others have been slept alreay, and maybe the same goes to the most of the bloggers. Since i'm not sleepy yet, my soft fingers started typing words  goes to the most of the bloggers. Since i'm not sleepy yet, my soft fingers started typing words, one by one until later it becomes an interesting story i think. A few days ago I was reading an article in a blog that I followed which is the blog that belongs to Ms Sachi- Asukai after receiving the link through the shouting box. In this blog I've read the ads which she posted dated July 6, 2010 on Tuesday. The theme that the contest which had been attached by her to her posting is "Great Moment with Parents".

I think this is very unique and we should re-attach tourselves to commemorate moments of togetherness to go through life which parents who have served us. For me we should support this type of contests by joining it because of a few valid reasons to give out. First, we as a teenagers should create something new, i mean throw out the i ideas or feelings via wrting and blogging are those of the good ways to produce high quality of young tenagers to be somebody success soon. So, if u can write something about your mom or your dad, it will be so great because this is what you feel about them and by this way automatically you can share the best story of yours with your parents. For the second reason, if we have the creative of editting and snaping pictures why not we share with others? Third reason is about the feeling of a teenagers easily get down. Maybe by contributing a writing the spritis of something like to study hard and the efforts will be higher since we write about our parents which can be the role model in our life too. Many walks of lifes, the young, the woman, the man want the best from their life. By sharing we not only kindly given rewards by God, but we can help the people in need by posting our story which contains some moral values and some good moments to be memorized till my death.

For the terms and condition to join /participate this contest including:-

  • It is a must to be SACHI-ASUKAI blog follower.
  • Both male and female can participate themselves in this contest.
  • Put SACHI-ASUKI banner at the sidebar of the blog and also post it in the entry. Don't forget to give our link to SACHI-ASUKAI blog.
  • Write an entry about this contestand give it title of "Great Moment with Parents" Contest by SACHI-ASUKAI 
  • Present your lovely, great and unforgettable picture with your parents(either both or with only mom or dad)
  • Give explanation about why you like that picture u choose then why you love your parents.
  • Only a picture is allowed.
  • Tag to 2 to 5 friends to join this contest.
  • Entry can be either in English or Bahasa Malaysia.

No more wait. The dateline is on 31st August 2010. Come and let's together join this beneficial contest.


Based on the terms and conditions, i think i have fulfil most of it clearly. So, the next step i will tell all of you a little bit explanation pertinent to a picture above. She was my mother who was pregnant for nine months. Through the mother's womb, Raja Fauziah Binti Syed Yaacob. I was born so perfect in this world without stain and blot. I highly appreciate the sacrifices and services were donated to me by my mother from the small to now I have completed 17 years of age. i still remember the little time I will be the story of your father's father, a mother who loves her children. Even though a mosquito sucking blood it would be prevented by the mother. I think I am among the most fortunate and lucky for having a mother like my mother. She was smart in cooking, a visionary, dedicated and most importantly, the knowledge and work. Principle is not very strict with their children but to educate and nurture the right way is most effective because she knows the soul of a teenager is very sensitive. So how to control the child's emotional, she is skilled and he is looking to be a problem experienced by children. Thus fiscal, advise and give opinions is the best way to treat children well.


About the picture above, you may be wondering why I chose the picture while the picture is more clear, and the atmosphere is more joy than the picture shown above is a bit gloomy and opaque look in the eyes of the road or action penglihatan.Setiap I take it is my decision. For my opinion, this photo unique d an event that happened in this picture is a quite wonderful to share. On May 9, yesterday we were together to celebrate Mother's Day. So, my father invited my family to eat together outside, snd our meals for that night were from a variety of seafood, including my favourite of mother. On May 8, 2010 is also the anniversary of the birth of my sister which was celebrated on the day we celebrate motherhood. So it can be called as one of two events. But unfortunately, the celebration of the first sister I was abroad at that time. So he can not participate in the event that for me is quite significant. However, do not forget to call her sister and mother to say happy birthday mother and say to her. and so with the two of the pictures that i've already editted. They are were old picture, but i still keep it. That were at my age around 3 months and the another one when i was 2 years old.

To conclude my writing for the last step, i do give my own advices to all of u.Do praying for your parents so that they stay healthy, abundant provision rests in a full and lasting peace. Always obey the orders and mandates for the sunny days in the life of you as heaven is under the mothers feet. God willing, those who do good will be rewarded a thousand times better by God. Be grateful we have a family, under the patronage of powerful grace, and you obeyed the wise. Let's hope we can achieving something in life to make someboddy else proud toward us....

  1. ms.nyna
  2. ms.ella 
  3. ifa tasya

Lots of love, 

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