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Monday, June 28, 2010


Reading is one of the best way for us to get what we want including informations and fiction or non-fiction resources in order to gain world or natural knowledgement. Those who love reading and assume as the books as his/her bestfriend is called as bookworm and this type of people always have their own gallery to collect their collections of books like in the mini library at home or take a little space in class to decorate your space with lots of books which can attract another person to follow the way you do. Maybe you can make this as the model of yours so that all your collections will be kept safely without no of each is lost. If a person love to read something benefit, so for the reprisel, we as a book lover, will get the benefits too. Not only our mind will full with ideas and information, but we can be the knowledgement person in order to be the ruler of a coutry one day. This type of people also not stingy to pay for the books which are quite expensive just because they want to fulfill their volition.

Sweeping, i do love reading but i hate to read thick material like love novel. But still i can share you pertinent to the top love novelist. They are Cecelia Ahern which produced the Novel of P.S I LOVE YOU , the number 1 novel in Ireland and had been sold all over 40 countries. Have you ever heard the name of  Cathy Kelly, Catherine Alliott and Louise Bagshawe? Well, they are all well known as the writer who loves to talk and to write about woman. I  mean their soul full of love. I'm inclinated to thee xploring and mysterical novels for example Harry Potter writen by J.K Rowling who is one of my favourite novelist. I'm so proud of the novelists who able to write too long story which throw out many ideas from their minds and consequently it could encourage young student to write more and more through introducing themselves by joining the writing essay contest, poem contest, writing in magazine or newspaper. Giving them a chance to try is better to produce a good and talented writter. Who love novels might know the top novelists either in Malaysia or outside. So, who you choose as your favourite novelist? So, who's the fanatic of Murshid Awang Ramlee novel here? It's probably about thousands of his fans because of the great novels he distributes and it had been about hundreds of his writing.Great!!

What if i'm being a novelist? Ask and answer guys. well,  althought my ambition was not to be a novelist ,we never know how about our destiny and how if now we say "i'll not become a writter, novelist, and people who love to write" but at last people saw you with that talents and you yourselve have that part of job to be a witer or novelist. It's quite great if we can affiliate our surplusses  by doing more than one job if we think we have talent and capability to do so. In addition we have our own skill to be a great journalist one day by starting from now we have to put in mindset that we love to read and write. Or otherwise, although you have talent on wrting, but you don't have any interest to or maybe your mindset said, "why should i be a journalist while i have born in gold spoon family"?, automatically all your talents will fade away. It's the matter of practicing. If you are not practise to write more and more, you will lost your great n brilliant ideas too. In this case you have to set your mind set not to think negative about to be a journalist. Its a noble work because we can share something at least with the people outside whatever idea we  contribute into our novel.

the debut of my novel

I'll choose the picture above as my cover novel because of a few valid reasons:))

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