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Thursday, June 24, 2010


A young public figure which got publicity through her singing and acting have bomb her name as Taylor Swift or her real name Taylor Alison Swift. Nowadays, lots of people from many kinds of walks not only teenagers, but the adult too always talked and mentioned her name.Not only that, her songs have been sang by the whole peolple around the world without rating the races, the religions, and the sex. Her songs have been spinned via internet, youtube especially because the user able directly  saw  the official video clips of the songs ,spreeding via radio , then bomb via television,live show from Taylor Swift herself. Via The mobile phone, they spread by downloading phone ringing tones and had been sang from the people who want to perform  those Taylor Swift's songs in reality show programmes like American Idol,Malaysian Idol,Indonesia Idol and Singing Academy. Lots of people might knew about the songs, but they are not really care about the beginning life of a person named Taylor Swif except somebody who's really fanatic and damn crazy on her until most of them are willing to waste their money just because want to present to her concerts or want to imitate the style of Taylor Swift which is really has the good personality.  Here are the simple description about her that i want to share with all her fanatic fans that i got informations through many kinds of websites. Well today are based on technology. So,if u want to know more,by clicking your fingers on the mouse you will get what you want.

A lovely and beautiful celebrity, Taylor Swift was born on 13th December 1989 and raised in Wyomissing , Pennsylvania, United State .The first child and the only daughter of Andre, a Homemaker, and Scott Swift, a stockbroker has a youger brother,  Austin. No wonder she got the best voice, because her grondmother as a singer too, an opera singer. At the age of really young she had been too creative already and talented to be an artist. Her talent really showed when she grew up to ten years old when she had began to write the songs, and started to sing at the karoeke contest, fair, and festivals around her hometown. This was really unpredictable of a young girl like her continue her talent by writing hundreds pages of a novel at the age twelve years old. Then at the fourth grade Swift won a national poetry contest with a three-page poem entitled "Monster In My Closet". Good job of her major performance at the first time she perfomed at the Bloomsburg Fair. So well-received by all the people around. Then she earned the high school diploma in 2008 through homeschooling at the age of 18. Who want to be the entertainer might be able to play at least 3 kinds of music instrument and so with Taylor swift.. Since she loves to write a song,she will play the music instrumental like singing by playing guitar or piano and ukulele.Like what we saw through her video clip by the song of Teardrops on my guitar, we can see she sing and playing her guitar too. What the history of how's she played guitar?? You might think, as she was an artist she might pay for someone who is expert in music. Not all the people knew about this. Let's we share it. Well, Taylor Swift or also be called as Swift began learning to play guitar from a computer repairman who showed her how to play three chords.Then, the first song written by her entitled "Lucky You" which told us about how bad she was treated by other kids. Maybe she felt, by writing and singing her own song regularly, it can help her to cope with pain of not fitting in at school that might be the material of teasing of other kids toward her.

Take action to be an artist is so hard. They must go through too many obstacles to be the best among the best. Life is so colourful but not really easy as easy as ABC to reach for those colourful colours. We have to take step by step to go further to be somebody, to be public figure which is respected by others. The glamour artist that brings the world of songs country pop genre, was ever tried to give her best in job since she was child.At the age of 11 Swift get a trip to Nashville to record a tape of her singing of karoeke songs. Unluckily,it was rejected after she gave a copy to every label in town. She took chance to perform at the U.S. Open Tennis tournament. After put up of their mind, her family reallydecided to move to an outlying Nashville at the age of Swift was going 14 on that moment. She started to write more and more song with local songwriters. Because of the company of RCA Records want to keep Swift on an artist development deal, she,  without thinking much, rejecting it. Great job of her when she succeed to get attention from Scott Borchetta, from Big Machines Records while performing at The Bluebird Cafe. One by one of her successness shows us how hard trying she had done untill at the age of fourteen she had been declaired as the youngest staff songwriter ever hired by the Sony/ATV Tree publishing house. 

The top names which influenced her to get the greatest musical were like Shania Twain, LeAnne Rimes, Tina Turner, Dlly Parton and her grandmother herself. Althought her grandmother was a opera singer, but she leaned to the country music. If you recall Shania Twain you might remember of her song entitled from this moment.i love this song ..not only me,but mybe the another people too.The serene and peace song  brings me likely to the heaven. The style of her impact Taylor Swift  a lots from the style of her until the way she sing. And so with LeAnne Rimes. When you mentioned about this name, i remeber of one my favourite song by LeAnne Rimes entitled " probably wouldn't be this way ". This song was really attract me to listen again and again without fed up.Then go to another name. She was Tina Turner. She brings the world with one of  the song entitled What's LOve To Go To Do With It. Since i don't really like the typical song with fast beat, so, i rarely hear that kind of song by Tina Turner. Well,overall, she stay maintain keeping herself glamour with her own songs and she was known-well untill today. Well,what about Dilly Parton? Have u ever heard this name??Althought her names was being talking long time ago, but until now her career as a singer had been appreciate. For sure the answer will be yes. Have u ever heard her song entitled I Will Always Love You. This kin of music was attracted me too and i really feel listening it. Feel like full of love. That's quite funny when i talk about it but that was the fact.

In 2006, she released the debut  single " Tim McGraw" followed by Taylor Swift debut album which  subsequently certified by the Recording Industry Association Of America. In November 2008, Swift released her second album, Fearless which contains 19 songs altogether which Love Story ,Fifteen,  and Fearless itselff. Fearless and Taylor Swift both finished 2008 . In Taylor Swift album it includes of the songs like Our Song, Picture To Burn, Should've Said No and the best one according to my favourite was Teardrops On My Guitars. That song succeeds making me drop my tears on the check for the first time i listened to it. This was me, a touchful person in addition Taylor Swift's songs were really easy made people touchful. Her songs not only succeed attract millions of fans but they were all have their own surplusses which have been listed on the billboard. They are also reaching for the top hot country songs chart, which show that the name of taylor swift become more and more brighter.Not only that,  Swift also received a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, an award she ultimately lost to Amy Winehouse. Two subsequent conferall; Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection and Beautiful Eyes, helped maintain Swift's popularity while whetting public demand for her next release, which arrived in November 2008;Taylor Swift. 

In the titan worl like nowdayas we are so welcoming the intelligent, educated, self-made and the most important talented artist to show to the entertainment world that not only the people can sing can be mentioned as "artist" but those who high-educated and well in singing or acting or another talent like modelling and drawing can also be called as artist. Like Taylor Swift herself, she's not only intelligent n well to look for the curly hair, but she was also succeed mae her fans "falling in love " and giving hope toward her and no wonder her albom had been sold out at the first week released about 39 000 copies. That was a great achievement for a young bright girl that show her face at the age of 16 when she first time releasing her album and its directly made Swift the highest -grossing artis for 2008.The accolades increased in 2009, when Fearless went multi-platinum and took home two ACM awards, five American Music Awards, five CMAs, two CMTs, and a controversial trophy at the MTV Video Music Awards (Kanye West infamously stormed the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to throw his support to Beyonce, claiming she deserved the award instead). Meanwhile, "You Belong With Me" became Swift's highest-charting song on the pop charts, which endeared her music to an even wider audience. 

Career,not only an American song writer, she also being a model and an actress. Surprise to hear that? It not supposed to be because we are all alreay known how beautiful n naturality she was with have the best personality that might her to be anything she want. Pulchritude is actually comes from our serene hearts, the naturality of attitude, and the best aura of humanity. I think all the best characters that had been stated had to Taylor Swift . Her acting career starte when she was hold a small roll,  in Larry Schwarz's, Thumb Wrestling Federation as Pei Pei The Turtle Panda. In 2008, she was acting ebut for music video and had been in documentary for MTV's Once Upon a Prom through MTV an another documentary with Def Leppard for CMT Crossroads in the same year. Cobbolarating with Jonas Brothers to prouce 3D Concert Film entitled Jonas Brother: The 3D Concert Experience which was release by 27 February 2009 and brought some precous amount about 12.7 Million Dollar.on its opening weekend. Then her acting on CBS entitled CSI on 5th March 2009  succeed to grab 20.8 million viewers.Coming with the music video "Best ays Of Your LIfe".
and also appearing in Hannah Montana The Movie acting as "woman singin in the barn".teline NBC Showcase showed her for an hour for dateline about "On tour With Taylor Swift" included the scenes from her tour bus, concert footage and rehearsals.For Saturday Night Live she was present as host an the musical guest.In 2010, Swift made her feature film acting debut as Felicia in the film Valentines Day.To those man outhere who really hope for Taylor Swift to be your partner, don't loss hope because she's now single after ending her relationship with Joe Jonas Brother in November 2008. Pertinent to that, the song of Forever & Always on her album Fearless inspired by her broken hearts in relationship.

Lately, in hectic life, hollywood artist especially teenagers are always have been involved in drugs, bad culture of life, a bully or a thug or in seriously matter of homosex or lesbian. All these cases might we trace through the newspapers, the current news in television or maybe via internet. What we knew about Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and another young artist, most of them are involved in drugs or too much drinking or getting too much social lfe that give them the bad effects not only for their health, but to affecting their career too. Talking about Taylor Swift, no bad or negative issues that we found out. "paparazzi" himself could not fin out or to reveal secret of Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift headlines itself shows the news said that she was obnoxiously driven to do well to do well in her career. The 20-year-old performer has been singing she was a small child and said she has always been passionate about her career success. The another headline said that Taylor Swift use to sing to strangers at the beach. Once i hear about this i quite surprise because how brave she was to face with strangers. That's made me laugh seriously. But my assume was totally wrong as Tylor Swift actually has revealed that she use to sing songs from The Lion King to strangers on the beach when she was a toler. She mae the surprise revelation in an interrview with US Marie Claire. You maybe can watch it directly via Youtube. Well,i'm not satisfied if i could not share as lots as i could about this 20 years old artist as i knew many of my friens outhere love her song and herself.. The next headline shows us Hall Of Fame honoured Taylor Swift. This was the best compliment actually." Taylor Swift will be honoured by the Songwriters Hall of Fame where the singer will be presented with the Hal David Starlight Award." The 20. That's what had been stated in the headlines via a website on google last nght i found. That's great right? Well,if u want to be like her, don't afraid to ream, because onli through dream, it will become true. So,what are you waiting for?? Let's reaming together, to be successfull like TAYLOR SWIFT then it will  be the bonus for us then to meet all the hollywood artist that we really want to meet.

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*hope this writing might help my friends who ask for me an essay to be exampled to get more ideas and look for the skill of my writing.
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